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Nexus - 70P Compass
This is the popular 70P, made by Nexus Instruments of Sweden.
Many of today's popular sea kayaks have a recess on the bow, specifically for this compass.
If your shop offers kayaks from Valley Canoe Products, Wilderness Systems, Nigel Dennis or Necky kayaks, the chances are you can offer this fine compass to your customers.
Part# 70P  
Paddlers Supply - Nexus 70P Gasket
Made from 2mm industrial neoprene, this gasket takes the hassle out of getting the 70P to fit in the misshaped compass recess of many plastic kayaks.

This gasket is not meant as a water seal, it simply absorbs the differences between the shape of the compass recess and the shape of the compass.
Part# GASKET-70P
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